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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Finally, Pinterest comes through!

Oh. My. God!
Pinterest finally came through and showed me something that I could not live without.

I always see my friends posting about how amazing Pinterest is on Facebook, but I haven't seen anything that really unique until about ten minutes ago. In fact, I'm still excited about my purchase as I'm writing this!

This is what I just got!
The top was $56.00.
The bottoms were $36.00.

I ordered them both in size small, yet I feel like they're going to be too big for me to wear properly. If they do fit though, I'm totally ordering the chemise and a ton of other stuff! Please fit, haha.

Journelle - Eberjey bralet
Journelle - Eberjey boythong

To be honest, I really just want everything on this page.


  1. wow. bet they look great. following!

  2. Oh yeah, thats nice... *cough*modelthemforus*cough* haha.

  3. Uhm... don't know how to not sound creepy, but uh.... grats for finding such a bargain?

  4. niceeeee ;D +following for modeling shots

  5. Hot. But damn 50 for the top and 30 for the bottoms? Too much