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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Downsides of having a brother as a roommate

As I said before, my lease is up in February, I'm living with my brother, and I'm considering asking if he wants to get a 2 bedroom apartment with me for next semester. So for the past thirty minutes or so, I was thinking of things I miss/can't do/hate about living with my brother.

These are the deal breakers:
1.) CAN'T HAVE SEX - Having friends with benefits over is soooo awkward. It's not as bad when they're girls, we can just sneak into the bedroom and he probably thinks we're just doing girly stuff or or talking, or something... However, it's super awkward because I know my brother is in the other room. If it's a guy, I have to plan for when he's at work or goes home, but I don't get the fun of spontaneity anymore.

2.) CAN'T HAVE GUYS OVER - My brother intimidates pretty much any guy I have over. Even the ones I'm not "involved" with. They'll come over to smoke, drink, study, or chill after work, and they always tell me the same thing: Nikko is hilarious and fun, but he comes off as super protective and it terrifies them.

3.) CLOTHING MANDATORY PM - I can't sleep in panties only anymore. I got used to it after my last relationship. My girlfriend never wore a shirt to bed, only panties. It made cuddling a million times better, and was more comfortable, too. So for the past few years, I've been sleeping panties only. I can't do that anymore since I have a 1 bedroom apartment and the bathroom is inside the bedroom. If Nikko needs to go in the night or wakes up before me, he has to walk through the bedroom.

4.) CLOTHING MANDATORY AM - I really miss being able to wake up in the morning, wearing only panties, walk into the kitchen, pour a bowl of cereal, sit out on the balcony (third floor, facing woods, nobody can see me) and eat breakfast as the sun rises. Obviously I can't do this with my brother around, but even if he leaves before I wake up, I'm paranoid about what would happen if he forgot something and came back home, catching me naked or close to it.

If I think of anything else, I'll add it later. For now, though, I sleep.


  1. That has got to suck, I am a guy but I could never room with a sibling (3 brothers). Way too awkward for me.

  2. Sucks for you. I can't imagine.

  3. Wow you have my sympathy, that sure sucks...