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Friday, January 13, 2012

Hipsters pay in coins

I'm livid.
All of these college hipsters are impossible to understand, order the most complex drinks, and probably since we don't have PBR, they're leaving weak tips.
The worst part is that they pay in change! Get a credit card or pay with bills! Don't hand me a pocket full of one dollar coins for fifty something dollars in drinks!
This kid just slid one of these awful coins across the bar as if it was made of gold, winked at me, and walked away.
A dollar and a penny for a nearly sixty dollar bar tab. A tab which included a mojito.
I hate making mojitos!!
I'm used to having cold and wet hands, but cold, wet, AND sticky? And you're going to leave me a dollar and a penny?! Seriously?!
Whoever you are, I hate you. I hope you spill that awful drink.
Only an hour to go.


  1. The world would be a better place without hipsters, that's for sure.

  2. haha sounds like your really enjoying your job.. I've never seen hipsters paying in coins though.. Maybe it has something to do with me avoiding them like the plague.. Take care!

  3. That sucks, especially if your giving out good service. My grandpa once told me, if you hate the service, leave a quarter or two, just so the person knows what they are worth to you, and that sounds like what this kid did. Either that or hipsters are just terrible people, yea, it's probably the latter one.

  4. annoying yes, but I would one day like to pay for something with a little coin purse thing of one dollar coins to get that mid-evil feeling

  5. yea, i thought leaving change was supposed to be reserved for bad service. those hipsters suck

  6. We were slammed when they came in, but I still managed to greet them when they walked up AND get five drinks on the bar within a few minutes. Well... I'm off to work. Somebody will probably ask for a mojito so I'll probably compose an angry post in a few hours.

  7. something similar happened to me -.-, good blog!

  8. Shiny coins. Hmmmm. Now following!