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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Last call pricks

We do last call around 1:45 AM.
We stop serving at 2:00 AM.

So, a guy walks up to the other end of the bar and tries to order a drink from one of the boys. They tell him it's after last call and can't serve him. He walks to my end of the bar and tries to order a Red Bull and vodka. It's 2:05 AM.

I'm super polite, doing the whole seductive bartender role, but I have to tell him, "No." He keeps asking and starts to get a bit angry that I won't pour him a drink. One of the boys from the other end of the bar notices, walks over, pulls the bottle opener out of my back pocket, and stands behind me twirling it on his fingers. He leans over me and says, "Last call was 15 minutes ago, we can't serve after two."

The guy gets annoying and starts begging me for a drink as soon as Josh walks off.


In plain sight, I pour half a glass of Red Bull over ice, place the glass under the bar, drop the can in the glass, it fills up, I pretend to pour vodka in it, and pass Mr. Annoying his drink and tell him it's on the house. He slurs out, "I love when it's on the house!"

2:30 rolls around.
Everyone is leaving.

2:45 rolls around.
I'm standing out front with the rest of the female employees and a group of security guards, waiting to be escorted to my car.

Drunk guy is walking around outside, walks up, grabs Kelly's arm, and starts yelling. Before he could get more than a few syllables out, a security guard punches him in the face and shoves him into the street. Drunk guy hits the pavement. Hard.

The security guard says, "That's on the house."

I giggled.
Josh gave me a piggyback ride to my car.

I came home and blogged about it.


  1. First reaction: coolstorybro. But really, it cracks me up how casually you mention him getting punched in the face haha.

    1. Yeah, it happens pretty much on a weekly basis at the bar.

  2. I was expecting him to moan about their being no vodka, but the punch is an awesome twist - made me laugh hard :')